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Find out more about hubris by following the links to the selection of books and articles below.

Scroll to the bottom for links to video/audio resources and for examples of hubris in business.



(Available from: publisher, open access, or by emailing the lead author)


Historian Bettany Hughes discusses hubris across the ages

Lord Owen gives a succinct summary of Hubris Syndrome

Dr Nassir Ghaemi talks to CNN's Michael Smerconish - hubris and Trump's fitness for high office

Prof Ian Robertson offers insights on the biology and neuropsychology of power

Prof Peter Garrard on the link between hubris and the words we use

Prof Douglas Cairns discusses the classical origins of hubris (hybris)

Professor Jane Hendy on the tipping point of hubris

Professor Phil Ferbach on hubris and overconfidence in investing

Dr Farrah Jarral offers an anthropological perspective on hubris, power and gender

Dr Atul Gawande’s 2014 Reith Lecture on the problem of hubris in medicine

Professor Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Nabel of Harvard Medical School on why being humble matters

WEB SITES  Committed to raising hubris awareness

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