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Eugene Sadler-Smith

In Hubristic Leadership (SAGE, 2019) Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith: (1) explores the characteristics and causes of hubristic leadership; (2) highlights its damaging, and sometimes catastrophic, consequences and costs; (3) recommends some safeguards for preventing hubris taking-hold at the top of institutions and organizations.

As research into hubris gathers pace and following recent developments in the political and business arenas, Hubristic Leadership adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to investigating this dark and destructive form of leadership. Outlining the individual, relational and contextual factors that create the conditions for hubristic leadership to arise, the book explores at how its potentially damaging consequences can be anticipated and avoided.

Examples are drawn from business and politics including Lehman Brothers, RBS, BP and Deepwater Horizon, Blair and Bush in the Iraq Invasion, NASA, and, of course, the leadership of Donald Trump.

Ideal reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students in business and management, leadership, and organizational behaviour, Hubristic Leadership will also be of interest to practising senior leaders and managers who’d like to know more about the hubris hazard and how to minimize the risks to themselves and their organizations.

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Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith, BSc, PhD, FCIPD, FRSA, FAcSS is Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey, UK.  His main research interests are hubris (in leadership) and intuition (in organizational decision-making).  His other books include Inside Intuition (2008) and The Intuitive Mind (2010). He has a BSc in geography from the University of Leeds and a PhD from the University of Birmingham.  Before becoming an academic he worked for British Gas plc from 1987 to 1994.

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